Chess 2012 Free Edition
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Chess 2012 Free Edition Latest version 2012.8

Chess 2012 Free Edition
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A vintage chess game streamlined and updated for modern technology

The Free Edition of Chess 2012 for Windows gives players six levels to test themselves against various levels of AI. Old pros that have played for years can jump in at the expert level while those new to the game will find the beginner setting a great way to familiarize themselves with the rules and gain practice. While the program includes a full set of rules, the best way to learn is by jumping in and playing. The computer simulation makes it impossible to make wrong moves with a piece. As players learn more, they can work their way up, constantly honing their skills until they, too, reach the expert setting. The game comes equipped with a number of features to make it beginner friendly, including help options that suggest useful moves.

The computer’s artificial intelligence is designed to give it the ability to make level appropriate moves in very little time. Moves are animated, and the last piece moved is always highlighted, so there is never a problem of not being sure where the computer just moved. Chess 2012 is a great chess program for players of all levels, experience, and seriousness, and the full game is completely free with no time limit. Fans of the game who want additional features do have the option of purchasing the Pro edition for a small charge.


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